For almost a decade, KTV has been the best. KTV has had 7 cohorts of students finish the 8th grade. All 7 cohorts have been the highest performing grade 8 students in the City of Albany as measured by the NYS testing program. In 2013, KTV's first class of students reached college age and almost 90% of them were accepted into college with over 80% matriculating in the fall of 2013.

    Students, their parents, and the faculty of KIPP: TECH VALLEY charter school choose to participate in the program. No one is assigned or forced to attend KIPP: TECH VALLEY Charter School. Everyone must make and uphold a commitment to the school and to each other to put in the time and the individual effort required to achieve success.

    There are no shortcuts when it comes to success in academics and life. With an extended school day, week, and year, students have more time in the classroom to acquire the academic knowledge and skills that will prepare them for competitive high schools and colleges, as well as more opportunities to engage in diverse extracurricular experiences.

    The leaders of KIPP schools are effective academic and organizational leaders who understand that great schools require great school leaders. They have control over their individual school budget and personnel. They are free to swiftly move dollars or make staffing changes, allowing them maximum effectiveness in helping students learn.

    We have clearly defined and measurable high expectations for academic achievement and conduct that make no excuses based on the students' backgrounds. Students, parents, teachers, and staff create and reinforce a culture of achievement and support through a range of rewards and consequences for academic performance and behavior.
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  • Grit shout out grade 5

    2015-11-17 16:16:23
    This shout out goes to the KIPPSTERS in grade 5 for continuing to work hard and having GRIT over the first four months of the school year at KIPP Tech Valley.  I would like to specifically give a huge shout out to Denise A. in Le Moyne, Rhiannon M. in St. Rose, and Ceila S. of Oneonta who have each demonstrated what it means to "work hard" and "be nice" on a day to day basis at KTV!  Keep up the excellent work in the classroom, as well as the social intelligence by being positive examples through your choices!  Way to go Kippsters!!
    Posted by: Mr. Jason
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    • Shoutout
  • Posted by: Preston Moore
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  • A huge shout out to two Red Dragons in Oneonta who demonstrated a ton of social intelligence and care for one of their classmates.  Lilith G. and Zanazia C. of Oneonta went above and beyond by using their notes to help out an absent classmate and fill in her packet notes when they were done with their work in ELA class.  The social intelligence demonstrated by these two teammates was living proof that at KIPP, "When a teammate needs help, we give."  Their positive choices also paid off earning each of them a +$1 on their paycheck!  Keep up the good work!
    Posted by: Mr. Jason
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    Posted by: Choices T. Eagle
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  • A huge shout out and social intellingence ganas dollar goes to senior, Saniyah Bell of Plattsburgh!  She demonstrated that she took the 8th grade's anti-bullying pledge very seriously and reported an incident that took place on the bus to an adult, handling it exactly as we ask KIPPsters to do.  Way to set a positive example for your teammates, Saniyah!  
    Posted by: Preston Moore
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  • Ganas choices in grade 5!!

    2015-11-02 17:31:18
    I wanted to give a couple shoutouts to teammates in grade 5 who have started off their week by making some really great choices.  These choices not only have helped the students earn a $+1 on their paycheck, but helped their teammates out as well.  A big shout out to Denise A. in Le Moyne who continues to use word study vocab words in her responses and by sharing her answers she has helped her fellow Dolphins understand how to use some top notch vocbaulary in their writing.  Also, a huge shout out to Adriel W. of St. Rose for her social intelligence.  Adriel helped a fellow classmate out and in doing so she and her classmate could learn even more and were that much more successful.  Great job and this shows that it PAY$ off to go above and beyond!! Keep making good choices!!
    Posted by: Mr. Jason
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  • Posted by: Choices T. Eagle
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  • I wanted to give a huge shout out to Terrance C. of St. Rose as this Knight showed some immense social intelligence and self-control after a teammate crashed into him during a transition.  Terrance did not say a word, kept his cool, and went right to his seat.  He certainly could have gotten upset and reacted negatively, but he kept a positive attitude and showed what being a KIPPSTER and having self-control and social intelligence is all about.  His good choice earned him a +$1 on his paycheck.  Way to go Terrance.
    Posted by: Mr. Jason
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  • Shout out to Jabez D.

    2015-10-28 23:59:52
    Dear Team and Family,
    I want to talk to you about Jabez’s writing skills! Last week, during 5X classes, the freshman had the opportunity to practice creative writing.  After hearing Mr. Jason’s spooky story, all students were asked to write their own spooky story.  Students were challenged to meet eight specific writing guidelines in order to produce clear and coherent stories.  Jabez’s spooky story met all the guidelines.  He had a great hook and organized his story very effectively.  In his story he had correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Jabez made his story unique by adding plenty of humor.  In addition, Jabez’s penmanship was wonderful! In sum, I really enjoyed reading Jabez’s story. I called home and explained to his Mom what a terrific job he did! Keep up the great work Jabez! I know you have big goals for Interval Two and I believe that you can achieve them! I am proud of you Jabez!
    Sincerely, Ms. Lee     
    Posted by: Melissa Lee
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