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Great Improvements in ELA 5

I wanted to give a shout out to a number of teammates in ELA 5 who have been working hard in Mr. Jason's Choices Reading class.  The following Kippsters have demonstrated grit and zest for their learning over the past week and after putting in the work, the results surely have come.  A huge shout out to two Dolphins, Denise & Aniviah in Le Moyne who both improved their tests by over 20 points each from the past fiction assessment to this week's test.  Shout outs to Jahmir for a perfect score in St. Rose and Aryanna for improving over 22 points!!  Finally, way to go to two Flying Dragons, Lilith for perfection and Kyloni (Oneonta) who improved an incredible 24 points from last week to this week.  These students have shown when we are making good choices in class and are putting in  our best effort we will see fantastic results.  I could not be more proud of these teammates.  Keep up the great work!  

"When you make good choices, good things happen!"

A huge shout out to JayShawn M. of St. Rose who is blooming in ELA class now that he has been making some super choices.  JayShawn has been working exceptionally hard on his choices and improving his character daily.  As a result of improved choices and putting fourth his best effort, this Golden Knight has vastly improved his ELA average.  This is yet another prime example of a KIPPSTER who is a living testament of the KIPP credo, "When you make good choices, good things happen!"  Keep up the great work JayShawn!

New uniform?

I, Choices T. Eagle, do hereby request that careful consideration be given to next year's uniform. I nominate the shirt below as my choice for the uniform!

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