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Reading ALL STAR: Jabez D.

A huge shout out to Jabez D. of Le Moyne College for being selected as the Reading All Star of the month.  Over the past month, Jabez has continued to demonstrated great self-control and zest with his flood book, do now and indpendent reading assignments in class, as well as with his ELA homework.  As a result he has really taken the spotlight and been a great example of what it means to "read to achieve!"  Reading is the key to success!  Working hard daily on becoming a better reader not only helps students like Jabez achieve greater success in ELA class, but in all subject areas across the board.  Keep feeding that brain knowledge!  You have to read! 

Most Improved Awards ELA 5

After a long vacation and break from school, KIPPSTERS have come back this week and have been working exceptionally hard in ELA 5.  I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the most improved KIPPSTERS in ELA 5 over this past week.  All of these reward recipients were recognized for their hard work.  A huge shout out to the following teammates:

Representing the Le Moyne Dolphins:
-Kaylahna R. for her grit in her writing...She improved over 20 points on this interval's writing project by working so hard this week, earning one of the highest marks in grade 5.
-Surmar W. for his optimism with his writing...After many edits and revisions, as well as super grit and never giving up Surmar earned his highest writing grade at KTV!

Representing the St. Rose Golden Knights:
-JayShawn M. for his great improvement in his character and choices in ELA class this week.  Jayshawn was super focused going deduction free in ELA 4 of 5 days and this focus helped him earn his in class assignment project grade of his KTV career!

Representing the Oneonta Flying Dragons:
-Azari T. for her tremendous grit in her writing.  Azari showed the greatest improvement this week in her respective college with her writing and should be very proud of her score on the in class project!

Way to go KIPPSTERS!!  I am so proud of each of these award winners.  After all as we say at KIPP, "It is not about where you came from, but about where you are going!"  Each of these students listed above are moving in the right direction and it is all because of their hard work, positive behavior, and focus.  It makes me pleased to see so much improvement this week in ELA 5!

Kippsters to recognize for interval 2 in ELA 5

Kippsters in ELA 5 have been working extremely hard during interval 2 to continue to improve their ELA skills.  I wanted to take a moment to recognize some students who have shown improvements during the course of this past interval with their academics and/or their choices in ELA class.  Therefore, huge shout outs go to the following students in their respective colleges:

Le Moyne College
-Khalid H. for grit and optimism...overall improvement in his ELA skills
-Sanai G. for zest when it comes to reading...for her overall excellence with independent reading
-Mallachy I. for his self-control and improvement in his choices

Saint Rose
-Rhiannon M. for her overall excellence in ELA 5 and being chosen as the Reading All Star of the month
-Mekhi F. for his self-control  in ELA class...huge improvement in his choices and character
-John P. for his grit and overall improvement in ELA skills
-Amir A. for his zest when it comes to reading...for his overall excellence with independent reading

-Kyla S. for self-control...She has improved both in her choices and her academics as a result of better character in class
-Amaya I. for her zest in reading...excellence with her indpendent reading and AR Quizzes
-Zanazia C. for grit and optimism in ELA...for her overall improvement in her ELA skills from INT 1 to INT 2

I am very proud of each and every one of you.  Keep working hard and remember, "When you put in the work, the results will come." (Michael Jordan)

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