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Go Go Ganas in Choices ELA

This week some fantastic choices were made by Kippsters in grade 5 Choices ELA class earning them ganas dollars for going above and beyond.  I am super proud of Junavia J. for her social intelligence helping a teammate out in Le Moyne, as well as Daonte T. and Gerogia J. who also helped their teammates in their respective colleges.  At KIPP we say, "When a teammate needs help, we give."  These Kippsters went out of their way to support teammates and make their community a better place.  Well done!!

Grit shout out grade 5

This shout out goes to the KIPPSTERS in grade 5 for continuing to work hard and having GRIT over the first four months of the school year at KIPP Tech Valley.  I would like to specifically give a huge shout out to Denise A. in Le Moyne, Rhiannon M. in St. Rose, and Ceila S. of Oneonta who have each demonstrated what it means to "work hard" and "be nice" on a day to day basis at KTV!  Keep up the excellent work in the classroom, as well as the social intelligence by being positive examples through your choices!  Way to go Kippsters!!

Socially intelligent choices pay off $$

A huge shout out to two Red Dragons in Oneonta who demonstrated a ton of social intelligence and care for one of their classmates.  Lilith G. and Zanazia C. of Oneonta went above and beyond by using their notes to help out an absent classmate and fill in her packet notes when they were done with their work in ELA class.  The social intelligence demonstrated by these two teammates was living proof that at KIPP, "When a teammate needs help, we give."  Their positive choices also paid off earning each of them a +$1 on their paycheck!  Keep up the good work!

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